1. Fat E-Bike T42 Overview

Today, we would like to introduce our new e-bike to you: G-force T42 Folding Fat Tire E-bike.

As its name implies, G-force T42 is a folding e-bike, which will offer you a unique and comfortable riding experience. Due to this feature, the e-bike can be folded and stored in the trunk of your car once you are going to have an e-bike trip in a remote place. Also, after you finished your riding, it will not take much more space for storage in your home.

With a fat tire 20"×4.0", you can ride the e-bike to conquer some tougher terrain and harsh weather. Besides, tread grooves design provides excellent handling and grip with anti-skid function. Multi-layered tires make you safer and protect the tires from punctures.

Moreover, G-force T42 is a class 3 e-bike. The Class 3 e-bike means an e-bike that is limited to a top speed of 28 MPH, also it is equipped with a motor and it only provides assistance when you are pedaling. Comes with this mode, you can enjoy a faster speed relaxed during you are riding this e-bike.

However, G-force does not merely possess those above features. It also has many other special and excellent features which impress deeply on you at your first glance. Then, from the following words, we would like to introduce G-force’s other features and some detailed information, as well as the questions you want to know about our G-force company.

2. E-bike Performance

Acceleration/speed: This is the first feature we are going to discuss. 28 MPH under purely electric power, also, thanks to its class 3 features, G-force T42 folding fat tire e-bike can reach a max speed at 30 MPH. There are also three riding modes to choose from: pure electric mode, pedal-assist mode, and foot pedal mode. Because of these three different riding modes, people can ride the e-bike according to their abilities as well as the riding conditions. The most important factor of the fast speed benefits from the 500w brushless gear hub motor because it will offer much extra energy when people are riding. What’s more, wide tires make you keep balance. With the extraordinary complement between the motor and the wide tires, inevitably, you will have a unique experience of the speed from G-force T42.

Shifting/gear range: It is easy to find information about the shifter brand: SHIMANO. With the assistance of the SHIMANO shifter, G-force gives you 7 different speed shifter gear systems to choose from. During your ride, you can change the shifter speed according to your own riding capability and the real-time road conditions to avoid unexpected accidents causing the incorrect speed you ride. Also, the 7 gear range, also guarantees you a safe riding experience because you can adjust the speed slow to adapt to the sudden change of speed. Then, it will reduce the uncomfortable feelings caused.

Handling: Whether you are riding tight turns or straightaways, the G-force T42 always makes it easier to handle. G-force’s wide tires, suspension fork, and adjustable handlebar all keep the e-bike stuck to the road surface. When you are hitting corners with G-force T42, it will make you a “stuck to the ground” feeling. The feeling inspires you and offers more confidence to you because you will not feel like you would slide out or get bucked offline when cornering. At the same time, when you are riding in tough terrain, the G-force T42 will also take a sense of security. What's more, this e-bike equips with Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes, and you will always feel that G-force T42 is protecting you because you can reduce the speed or stop the e-bike right now easily.

Comfortability: As for the comfortability, G-force still requests high on this side. First of all, G-force T42 adapts the adjustable full suspension, handlebar, and saddle seat to fit different riders’ heights. With the full adjustable suspension, you can adjust the suspension to choose a suitable degree of buffering. Apart from the adjustable feature, the saddle seat is also wear-assistance to protect it from damage easily. Another comfortability side is from the anti-slip hand-bar and thumb throttle. These two components will reduce hand and wrist fatigue during your riding.

Design and look: Last, we would like to talk about the design and look of the G-force T42.

Speaking of the design and look, the G-force frame is made of all aluminum alloy which enable this e-bike lightweight. Now it only has one color: black. As for the black color, obviously, this is a common one among all the colors, but also this is the most stylish color. Unlike other bright colors, black does not make people stand out in the crowd. Of course, this will not make you drown in the crowd. The battery we used is a 48V 10.4Ah lithium battery, and it can be removable which makes charging convenient. Due to the material and the adjustable feature, you can lift up it easily. Then, it is the display. From this electric component, users can master all the driving information and ride the e-bike without unnecessary worry.

3. Electrical components


First of all, G-force T42 adapts a 500w brushless geared hub motor. In the following content, we will introduce some information about the motor specifically.

Fundamentally speaking, the working principle of electric motors is translating electrical energy into mechanical energy. Usually, e-bikes use the brushless DC motor or BLDC motor. This is a kind of motor that does not use brushes to alternate the direction of current flowing. Compared with the motor with brushes, the brushless motor represents the development of the direction of the motor because it is reliable performance, no wear and tear, low failure and the service life are about 6 times longer than that of a brushes motor.

Besides, there are two different motor types according to the mechanical structure, but the motor working principle is the same. These two different motors are: geared and gearless hub motor, and the gearless hub motor also called a drive-direct hub motor. As its name implies, in a gearless hub motor, the axle that passes through the motor center is actually the axle of the motor itself, which means the motor’s axle is the same axle that goes through the motor center. On the contrary, a geared hub motor is connected to the stator through a planetary gear reduction system with their cases. Once the case rotating, the motor inside already turns many times faster. Under these circumstances, the motor will work at a higher and more efficient speed, at the same time, the wheel is spinning at a comparatively slower driving speed.

Equipped with a 500W brushless geared hub motor, the G-force T42 offers stronger energy for you. Also, it is capable of large amounts of torque and power when you are riding.

Electric Bike Motor

Battery: The battery is part of the most crucial components of an electrical bike. Our G-force T42 electrical bike is outfitted with a 48V 10.4 Ah Lithium-Ion battery to guarantee a long lifetime and also high efficiency. Also, now most e-bikes are fitted with Lithium-Ion batteries because of their high energy density. Thus the battery can be stored a lot of power while remaining lightweight.

When it comes to the battery, some basic items we need to know are Volts, Amps, and Watts. Volts describe how fast electrons move, and more voltage means more speed. Amps show how wide the road is, more lanes, more cars can pass at the same time side by side. Watts means e-bike motors can be mounted in different places, the battery also can be installed in various positions: under the luggage carrier, on the frame, or totally integrated into the frame. For our G-force T42 e-bike, the battery can be removed out when you want to charge it. Or, you can charge directly without removing the battery out. Due to this design, it is so convenient for you to charge the e-bike.

Last, be careful to keep the battery clean and dry, and be careful you should not place your e-bike and expose the battery in extreme weather conditions or somewhere in high temperatures.

Display: The e-bike display serves you a lot during the whole riding. Take the G-force T42 display, for instance, it includes detailed information such as odometer, speed, power, and battery capacity. There is no doubt that the e-bike display plays a vital role for riders because it let riders know to control their riding condition and adjust it accordingly. For instance, the display enables riders to charge the battery of this e-bike timely, and lets riders know how long have they already ride. Do not ignore this small electronic component, but focus more on the information it conveys.

ebike display

Lights: G-force T42 equips with an integrated taillight and an ultra-bright 48V front light. An e-bike light is extremely significant for keeping visibility while cycling especially for commuters. It’s essential to ensure that other vehicles can see commuters’ bikes. If you are planning on a night ride on a matter where or what speed you want to ride, it is necessary to prepare two lights for your bike. The headlight lets you make sure the road condition and guarantee safe riding, while the taillight enables others to see you and keep a certain distance from you. Usually speaking, those maintaining methods for those electronic components are the same, be careful that you should not put them in a wet condition and remember to keep them clean and dry to prolong their service life.



Throttle equipped with e-bikes is used to accelerate from a standstill situation or maintain a certain speed without pedaling. There are two kinds of throttle: thumb and twist throttle. Our G-force T42 adapts the thumb throttle. The main advantage of the thumb throttle is the guarantee of safety. Compared with the twist throttle, the thumb throttle does a better job than the twist one when your arms moving. Twist throttle is too easy to rotate or operate when riders are lifting their e-bikes over curbs or obstacles. Obviously, it is a little dangerous to riders. However, with a thumb throttle, the G-force T42 e-bike makes our riders feel safe and comfortable while accelerating.

ebike thumb throttle

4. Accessories

Brakes: In this part, we will focus on the G-force T42 e-bike brake: dual hydraulic disc brake. We know that there are two main types of brakes: rim brake and disc brake. For disc brakes, there are also two different types: a dual mechanical disc brake and a dual hydraulic disc brake. The disc brake force is applied by a rotor in the middle of the wheel. Hydraulic disc brakes work with the fluid pressure which builds when we are braking, causing pistons inside the calipers toward the rotor. The friction that generates is the origin of the stopping power. With this kind of brake, G-force T42 offers strong power to riders when they want to reduce the speed or stop the e-bike.

Frame: The frame is 6061 High Strength Aluminum Alloy, which enables riders to lift it up easily and feels lightweight. For the maintenance of the frame, there are no special items to consider. Just remember that you need to wipe off dust and water stains with a soft towel or cloth after your ride.

Shifter: Our G-force T42 has installed the Shimano 7 speed gear shift system, which means you can change 7 different shifting levels. As we have known, the Shimano is an excellent brand in the e-bike market, so as is the shifter system. Many cyclists prefer this shifter as it can be customized to fit any length bike. With this shifter system, riders can simply press the “+” button to shift the gear up while press the “-” button to shift the gear down. These two quick function buttons allow riders for fast gear changing as requiring. What’s more, a shifter, allows riders to maintain a secure and stable grip on the handlebar by requiring just a twist of the thumb for shifting.

Suspension: We G-force produces high-quality shocks and forks in cycling, which is a remarkable update from the old shocks, and it is precisely machined to ensure great permanence. Outfitted with this updated and adjustable suspension, our G-force T42 helps riders to choose a suitable degree of buffering. Once when you are riding on tougher terrain or uneven roads, you can avoid some annoying shocks and the unexpected situation of the e-bike is out of control. It is worth mentioning that this adjustable suspension system is made of top-quality alloy materials and superb craftsmanship, which offers high protection and long durability.

Grips and saddle: As for these two accessories, grips and saddle, our technicians paid more attention to the performance end as well as their comfort side. The grip is an accessory hold to control the head-bar, so we use the anti-slip material to provide a tacky feeling that's easy to hold. For the saddle, we use the wear-resistance material that’s a median between comfort and performance to guarantee its service life. Cyclists feel great on shorter rides even on the longer rides, the saddle also can keep our sit bones comfortable.

Pedals: The G-force T42 pedals come with the reflector to increase riders’ visibility to others and they are plenty grippy. You will feel very stable when you are pedaling. There is no doubt that most riders will like this kind of pedal of its superior grip, durability, and visibility.

Tires: This G-force T42 electric bike uses 20"×4.0" fat tires for a more stable and comfortable riding experience. Moreover, this is a multi-layered tires that can protect it from punctures, and tread grooves design provides excellent handling and grip with anti-skid function. One of the tips for the tires pressure is that the usual tire pressure is from 25 to 28 psi. As for the 4.0 inches tire, if the pressure exceeds 30, the risk of a tire blowout is great. So, riders should focus on more about the tire pressure when use this bike.

5. FAQs

What are your G-force warranty and return policy?

All G-force e-bikes are covered under our supplier's 1-year all-encompassing service warranty for the original proprietor against all manufacturing flaws.

E-bikes from G-force are under free returns within 2 week of distribution. To return an e-bike that is not defective or damaged, please contact the customer support team within 2 week.

What groups are this bike suitable for?

All adults can rider this bike and the payload capacity of this bike is 300 lbs.

What is in the box when we received? 

The bike is 95% pre-assembled

electric bicycle

Power Adapter

Installation tool

Can I ride this bike on the city road?

G-force T42 is a city commuter electric bicycle, and you can ride this through the streets of the city.

6. Summary

Consider that more people are preferring e-bikes to cars, increasing manufacturers are focusing on the electric bicycle market. With the rapid development of the economy around the world, environmental awareness in our minds is rising day by day. Not only the environmental awareness but also our environmental behaviour is increasing. The advocate of low carbon travel, less utilization of plastic products, and the restriction of vehicles on the road are all the obvious behavior to protect our environment. At the same time, our company catches this opportunity and with the assistance of the technologies to produce the new type of transportation. As a result, the G-force e-bike came into being and helped us a lot in our daily life. We have several different types of e-bike such as mountain e-bikes, urban e-bikes, and folding e-bikes. The latest version of the G-force T42 e-bike is a city commuter electric bicycle, so riders can use this through the streets of the city.

On the other hand, most accessories of this e-bike can be adjusted to fit more riders' height. The handlebars, the seat, and the suspension are all adjustable. We believe that this is a good choice for you if you are looking for a city commute e-bike or merely a folding e-bike. Do not miss this worthwhile investment, even though it will reduce a portion of your account balance, but in long term, it will help you save money. In contrast, it will help you gain many other things like exercising chances, health, and life quality. Click here to learn more about our G-force T42.

7. Specifications

Electrical specs and feature:

Battery: 48V 10.4Ah lithium battery

Motor: 500W brushless gear hub motor

Display: HD LCD Display

Lights: ultra bright headlight and integrated taillight

Range: 35-50 miles

Throttle: Thumb Throttle

Charger: US standard 2.0A smart charger

Weight and dimensions: 

Total bike weight: 58 pounds

Recommended rider height: 5'3" ~ 6'5",

Payload Capacity: 300 lbs

Max speed: 28 mph under pure electric power

Wheel size: 20 Inches

Tires: 20" x 4.0"

Max Motor Torque: 80Nm

Components and accessories: 

Brakes: dual hydraulic disc brake

Forks: aluminum alloy

Frame: 6061 aluminum alloy

Saddle: wear-resistant saddle seat

Shifter: SHIMANO 7 speed gear system

Pedal: Alloy pedal with reflectors

Chain: KMC chain